April 30, 2012

3KCBWDAY6 - Improving Your Skill Set

I lost my internet - sorry about that.  Day 5 was about a different kind of post - I'm not going to do that.  It did not inspire me.

But Day 6 is all about how far on my crafting journey do I think I am.

I'm a competent knitter.  I know my knits, I can 'read' my knitting.  I can decipher a cable or lace pattern.  I can write a pattern that others could follow.  I have had a pattern published and have a pattern for SALE on Ravelry, and have had sales already! :-o  I am wear I want to be on my journey.  As far as skills go, one that I do want to pick up is double knitting.  I am comfortable with slip stitches and mosaic knitting techniques, I like color-work and am while I HATE it while I'm working it, I love the effect.  Cables come easy now, and I think they get better all the time.  I have started working on keeping even tension, and making finishing a priority.

I love this craft because there is a journey to take.  It's a long one, with lots of different arteries.  How has your crafting path evolved?

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