April 30, 2012

3KCBWDAY6 - Improving Your Skill Set

I lost my internet - sorry about that.  Day 5 was about a different kind of post - I'm not going to do that.  It did not inspire me.

But Day 6 is all about how far on my crafting journey do I think I am.

I'm a competent knitter.  I know my knits, I can 'read' my knitting.  I can decipher a cable or lace pattern.  I can write a pattern that others could follow.  I have had a pattern published and have a pattern for SALE on Ravelry, and have had sales already! :-o  I am wear I want to be on my journey.  As far as skills go, one that I do want to pick up is double knitting.  I am comfortable with slip stitches and mosaic knitting techniques, I like color-work and am while I HATE it while I'm working it, I love the effect.  Cables come easy now, and I think they get better all the time.  I have started working on keeping even tension, and making finishing a priority.

I love this craft because there is a journey to take.  It's a long one, with lots of different arteries.  How has your crafting path evolved?

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April 26, 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - A Knitter For All Seasons

Are you a seasonal knitter?  Do you craft with the seasons?

I don't think I really do.  I will knit on most anything at any-time.  Although it may require a jump in the AC if I decide I want to work on my blankets in the summer :)

I took a look at what I've completed when, and it's more deadline driven than seasonal.  In the fall it's all about the holiday knitting and getting gifts done for everyone.  In the spring and winter it's about me, and I'm all about starting a sweater for ME!  The summer is a lot of socks and cotton, since I like sandals, I don't see my socks in the summer :(  I will however work with cotton only reluctantly in the winter, so I guess that's my seasonal crafting shift.

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April 25, 2012

3KCBWDAY3 - Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero

Hi - Today let's talk about my knitting and crochet heroes.  I can't tell you how much I love The Yarn Harlot.  She's sassy and has a stash-ability that I envy.  I also find her funny and her practical knitting style is much like mine.  Don't rippit - fix it!  I love that.  She also likes simple yet engaging patterns, and I can't tell you how many times I've made a thing because she did.  Thanks Stephanie!  :)

I copied the Yarn Harlot and jumped on the Striped Noro Scarf Bandwagon

As I start designing more, I find that I have a design hero - Knit Purl Hunter - Michelle Hunter.  I got to take her class, and she even touched on design in her Mystery Sock workshop.  It was great.  I love how simple and intelligent her patterns are.  I try to emulate her in my own patterns.  Thanks Michelle!

Socks I designed inspired by Knit Purl Hunter

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April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - Photography Challenge

Sock Monkeys Have ATTITUDE - BACK OFF!

Cooking my style:

And keep an eye on your shark hats ... they get hungry..

Today's challenge is a photography challenge - there's a prize thinger ---- that's cool!

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3KCBWDAY1 - Colour Lovers

I have decided to participate in the 3rd annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week.  It's this week.  I decided late on Monday and promptly fell asleep after killing myself doing paperwork for Exciting News for today's blog.

Day 1's theme is Color:
"Color is one of our greatest expressions of ourselves when we choose to knit or crochet, so how do you choose what colours you buy and crochet or knit with. Have a look through your stash and see if there is a predominance of one colour. Do the same with your finished projects - do they match? Do you love a rainbow of bright hues, or more subdued tones. How much attention do you pay to the original colour that a garment is knit in when you see a pattern? Tell readers about your love or confusion over color."

What colors draw me in?  Greens, Blues, Purples, BRIGHTS.  Here's a photo of my stash of sock yarn circa 2010.  It's been enhanced.  And I have to say that I like to keep my blues and greens don't I?

And here's a picture of my stash in my bookshelf.  So pretty.....  Also lots of greens and blue.

Here's my sock projects ... again:  greens and blues are here... I like those cool and jewel tones a lot.

I love blues and brights.  Lots of love for purple too :)


I say this reflection comes at the right time - we're buying a house.  A giant 4 bedroom home with room for a CRAFT ROOM!  I have to pick a color of the walls!  I hope for a green and a purple?  That seems to be a good portion of my stash.... So excited, but I am bad at decorating.  We'll see how this goes huh?

April 21, 2012

All that glitters is knitters

In between the time that I've last posted I've been on a tour of some of the biggest names in knitting.  

Nancy Bush was at the Windy City Knitting Guild in February.  I love her.  She's a wonderful storyteller and had a wide range of knitting knowledge.  Talked about Sock Summit and where her sock knitting started and how that led into Estonian knitting.  It was amazing.  The class itself I found ok.  Heels and Toes.  We spent about 3 hours knitting heels, but no talk of fit or wear.  All those wonderful socks from the books - have never been worn!  NEVER!  Ah!  She is a process knitter :)

Token picture of some Nancy Bush Socks

I also got to meet Knit Purl Hunter at Mosaic Yarns - after completing ALL of her amazing Skacel KAL patterns, it was great to learn directly from her, instead of through a YouTube video.  Thanks Michelle!  She even held up my tons of kept projects (about 1/3 I gave away to friends and family - lucky ones).

We did a little mystery sock.  It's Celtic Cables and I have just finished the heels.  What a wonderful day.  

Socks in Progress

Then for my birthday at the end of March I went to see Miss Babs at Loopy Yarns in downtown Chicago.  It was a good trip with a bunch of my knitting friends.  They are all so great.  And all the color!  I love Miss Babs' stuff.  Here's what I got - TardisH yarn and LIME GREEN ROVING.  Hurray!
And I've been so excited about the roving - I worked through it a little.

Last weekend I got to meet Cookie A and was pretty well featured on her blog!  Here's a pretty awful picture of us - but meh.  I love her just the same.  I wish I stopped talking to get a good shot. 

I have to say Cookie was pretty amazing too.  High energy and a genuine LOVE of her subject.  I took the Cable Suckage Factor class.  It was very mathy and made that design of socks with cables attainable.  She's a smarty every day.  We laughed a lot and knit a lot and measured some.  This was again through the Windy City Knitting Guild.  It was a good deal to join.  They are a wonderful group of women.  I think I might have met about 80% of the knitters in the county now.  

Now the big news.  

I've been not posting because I was burnt out from work - end of fiscal year meant lots of extra work & a lot of burn out.  But our group rocked it - deadlines met and clients happy.

I've got a pattern coming out in the 2013 Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar.  A Toe-Up Garter Chevron Sock :)  I'm thrilled!  

I need to work on a 2014 pattern.  Thinking about my Penguin Christmas Socking and my Pirate Christmas Stocking.  :-D  That would kick butt.

I am going to teach a beginners sock class at Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns starting on May 16.  Thrilled!  If you haven't knit socks before, you will leave the series of 3 2-hour classes with your first sock.  Worked in DK yarn - Simplicity.  :-D

Happy Knits!