November 20, 2011

A winner in every way!

I won a couple of the KAL prizes and it made up for all the little things that went wrong this week.

The headlight that went out is forgiven, as is the keyboard that shorted.

I got a call on Thursday from Skacel about the Progressive Needles KAL and I won the 5th prize!  Should be a grab-bag of goodies.  I'm thrilled!

I went to Saturday knitting at Fuzzy Wuzzy and found out I won the Fall KAL prize too!

That was a gift certificate - not really sure what I want to do with it either.  So many choices...  Maybe some Lindsey to knit out of the Norah Gaughn vol 8.  Lots of cute summery stuff.  Ogunqui?  Ogunyes.

I'm almost through a potholding pattern.  2 Oven mitts, 5 potholders and 2 skeins of wool.  I've started working two at a time, I'm excited to see how that effects the felted product.  It's looking good :)

I've also picked up the hook - we'll see how this goes...

November 13, 2011

You Can't Tell Me What to Knit

Last month was Sock-tober, a month long celebration of sock knitting.  As a celebration I didn't knit a stitch on my sock-in-progress until almost the last day of the month.

It is now National Sweater Knitting Month (a play on National Novel Writing Month) and I finished my Fuzzy Sweater, but can't find myself to start another.  It's like a toddler like instinct in me that says - NO!  I will not celebrate what you want to.  I will do what I want.

What have I been working on?  Everything but sweaters... scarf for my brother in packer colored Malabrigo Worsted, Spectra by Stephen West (so pretty), hats for Halos of Hope (car knitting - I've hit too many trains this week - long ones too - the type where you turn your car OFF because you wait so long).  I've worked on my shawl design, and I'm one skein in - about 1/2 way done!

I started 2 more projects.  A set of potholders for my Mom - who is finally tossing her 15 yr old quilted set (she quilted them herself).  She asked me to pick up a set at IKEA, but that seemed like a poor replacement for such great potholders.  I am making some felted ones, a design from Knitpicks, out of I Love This Wool from Hobby Lobby - yeah.  I do not love that wool, but I love that it's cheap, and I can get 7 potholders out of one skein.  A set of flat potholders and some mitts.  I think she'll love them - and they will last.

I also have started and finished a pair of slippers for my grandmother - I use "finished" but I just finished the knitting portion.  A pattern off of with leather soles, I think she will love them.

Aren't they fun?

November 6, 2011

Couch Time

I spent almost all day yesterday in the car.  I did a Pampered Chef show in central WI and visited my cousin and her adorable new baby.  8 weeks old & 14lbs!  He's a chubby little guy who's hair naturally lies in a mohawk.  I think he is a keeper.

Today I'm sitting on the couch recovering from cat hair.  I'll be doing some laundry and maths.  Maths?  Why am I blogging about maths?  (As a mathematician I can call it maths)  I am thinking of ripping out the bleeding hearts design and starting again.  Maybe I should just cast on another and play with that?  Maybe, maybe.

November 3, 2011

Yarnie Goodness comes in the mail

It has been a good week for mail so far.  Lots of yarnie goodness, and a purple strainer

The strainer was filled with yarn & other treats.
I love swaps with the Dizzy Sheep Groupies :)  I went shopping for my swap buddy in my stash of yarn and Pampered Chef products & recipe books.  I am not a pretty wrapper - I did not send my home-made jam though, jalapeno jam is not everyone's taste :)

I also got a package from my grade-school friend Mary.  The package was COVERED in stickers and I loved it.  In it was sock yarn from Brown Sheep Co, which I haven't seen anywhere - odd.  It's called Wildefoot.  It's so soft, I'm surprised it doesn't have a silk content (no really).  It's in boyfriend's colors, so he'll get socks out of them.  A lovely grey with a ply of black. It's called Master Grey.