December 15, 2011

Oh I've missed you.

Dear Blog

I have missed you.  I'll be back soon.  The holidays have started eating me alive, or making me eat everything in site.  One of the two.  I hope I get a small cold next week and have to stay home with some knitting and you.

Small cold I said, small.

<3 Spitfire.

PS  there has been knitting - my god has there been knitting :-D

December 4, 2011

Quick Quick Super Quick

Quick update!

Holiday knitting is in full force except I wasn't going to do any .... yeah.  Not so hot at sticking to stuff.

I finished some cute socks - groovy socks - in some handpainted sock blank.  It turned out great - they are lace though and not thermally appropriate for the Chicagoland weather of December.  They will be hibernating in the drawer a bit.

I cast on another pair of socks out of left overs from my vacation shawl (seen below).  Rhythm Man Socks - they are a slip stitch pattern which should offer ample protection from the harsh Chicagoland winters.

I had a finishing flurry over Thanksgiving weekend.  Friend R came over for Dr Who time and she started a new sweater and I finished a ton of projects including modifications to a sweater I made this spring - a Juliet made in Brown Sheep Cotton yarn.  It is beige and a good combo with a long sleeve t-shirt.  I will go add some to my wardrobe. I also finished Grandma's slippers.  I made her socks - she won't put them in her shoes, so she said they are too slippery to wear around the house.  I got some leather soles and made these:

I keep thinking maybe I should knit another pair of socks to "line" the slippers with, but I don't think I will at this point.  I even swatched for this - a rarity - but it made me a convert.  It turned out so well - like every time it does when I swatch... jeez.  I might be a convert.

I then decided to use November's Dream in Color Club color for not the scarf designed for it.  (a little short for a scarf if you ask me).  I made a crochet shawllette from the Chicago Yarn Crawl.  It's amazing.  I need to block it.  I will do that tomorrow.  Typing it makes it true right?