September 21, 2013

That whooshing noise that the end of summer makes ... when the bobbins are spinning.

Did the end of summer pass you by just as fast for you as it did for me?

I love the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  So many fiber festivals and yarny events.  So much running around and getting everything ready for the fall rain and the winter snow.  It's time to knit!

I have been spinning though, I'm loving this hobby.  Here's what I've done:

I finished the Corridale I talked about Hawser Plying in the past month's blog.  It's been set and is ready for gift giving.  How pretty is this?

I made a chain plied BFL from Two if by Hand that I got as a door prize at Yarn School.  It was in the color Lurky.  Very Halloween.  The red is bobbin leftovers from the above yarn.  (I know that red just turns into purple with those blues!)

I decided they would make baby legwarmers - showed them off in the last post!  I did removed the pink from the mix for the project though.  The tone was a little off.

I love the next yarn.  I just finished earlier this week.

I worked a Spinning Bunny Batt that I won from Tour de Fleece, a supported long draw.  I worked some top from The Fold, Romney, undyed white, in a true long draw.  I beaded about 300 yards of silver thread.  I then plied them all together.  And it was lovely.  I did have to re-bead at one point because I didn't catch the end of the bobbin before they all slipped off the end!  I also had to spin up more Romney.  All fibers were a delight.  Beaded yarn can go for up to $45 a skein, and I can tell you after creating it - it is worth it.

September 7, 2013

August Round up! Projects & WIPs

I have finished 4 more projects!  All within the last couple weeks.

I finished my third Camp Loopy, and am wearing it right now!  A lace weight cardigan, I love it so much.  It's Audrey's cardigan, from the 2010 Spring Interweave. 

My new favorite is worked at a big gauge, and has snagged a bit.  :-(  The yarn is lace wool from Prism color 103 I think, a basic brown.

I also finished a cowl that I was doing for the mean girls yarn club.  It was such a pretty color I wanted flashing, this called for crochet.  I made 50 two layer granny squares and joined them in an infinity cowl with some lace weight from knit picks in the bare color.  I only finished on Tuesday, so I missed the deadline.

Finished photos are coming, it's blocking right now.

I slammed out some Halloween leg warmers for a special girl.  Perfect for fall.  3 because you might lose one!
The yarn is DK handspun from BFL from Two if By Hand in the Lurky colorway.  I was told when spinning it the yarn looked like fruit loops, but now it looks very Halloween!  I improvised the pattern.  36 stitches, 1 inch ribbing, 5 inches plain knit, 1 inch ribbing = warm legs!

The Shark-nado socks are done!  A holiday gift is done!  
I have a few patterns to write up now...

On the needles?  I put a new pair of grey socks on them.  The love of my life likes boring socks.  I am using gift yarn though, which makes these extra special socks.

I have a charity hat on the needles, the yarn was more stripy than I expected, so I think I need to switch pattern :(

And all the blankets are sad, because I finished all the other projects and not them.