March 7, 2013

Knitting for perfection blows

Man, I have been doing the Master Knitter Program (Level 1) from The Knitter's Guild of America.  I started in September, worked one swatch.  I bound off and discovered I split the yarn about half way through the swatch.  I put it aside in the tupperware tote of misc dresser things that I never unpacked after moving.  It sat there until December.  I then decided that for New Year's resolution time I would resolve not to start anything new until I finished these swatches.

I would work at them at knit nights and bring them along.  It provided a talking point with new people and maybe it made me come off crazy and self important.  But I could tell them about the guild program and what it was helping me become.  It's helped me with a few problems I've had in my technique and I was learning communication skills and pattern writing skills.  VERY COOL!

The tote I am using is from the Irish themed store in Long Grove IL, It's got lots of little emoting sheepies on them.  It gets a lot of attention and helps me love the project.  You can check out it and the line of Wacky Woolies here ...

What I don't care for is that these swatches are still not done.  They don't make great pick up and drop projects.  I need to have some time to sit work on them.  I take notes and look things up but .... The REST of my projects are very good pick up and drop projects....  So I am very pleased that the pledge I've made had the effect of finished objects raining about me. (and yes I have picked up a couple new project even with my pledge)  A baby sweater, two sweaters for myself, a pair of socks that are too small for me, a pair of socks for my mom, a pair of men's socks, a cowl with yarn I just had to ditch, a couple shop samples for classes I'll teach, and a hot water bottle cover.

And I've even finished the sock yarn scrap blanket wrap thing ... faboo!

I need another project for scrap yarn!   Hello Beekeeper's Quilt...