November 13, 2011

You Can't Tell Me What to Knit

Last month was Sock-tober, a month long celebration of sock knitting.  As a celebration I didn't knit a stitch on my sock-in-progress until almost the last day of the month.

It is now National Sweater Knitting Month (a play on National Novel Writing Month) and I finished my Fuzzy Sweater, but can't find myself to start another.  It's like a toddler like instinct in me that says - NO!  I will not celebrate what you want to.  I will do what I want.

What have I been working on?  Everything but sweaters... scarf for my brother in packer colored Malabrigo Worsted, Spectra by Stephen West (so pretty), hats for Halos of Hope (car knitting - I've hit too many trains this week - long ones too - the type where you turn your car OFF because you wait so long).  I've worked on my shawl design, and I'm one skein in - about 1/2 way done!

I started 2 more projects.  A set of potholders for my Mom - who is finally tossing her 15 yr old quilted set (she quilted them herself).  She asked me to pick up a set at IKEA, but that seemed like a poor replacement for such great potholders.  I am making some felted ones, a design from Knitpicks, out of I Love This Wool from Hobby Lobby - yeah.  I do not love that wool, but I love that it's cheap, and I can get 7 potholders out of one skein.  A set of flat potholders and some mitts.  I think she'll love them - and they will last.

I also have started and finished a pair of slippers for my grandmother - I use "finished" but I just finished the knitting portion.  A pattern off of with leather soles, I think she will love them.

Aren't they fun?

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Pat Salvatini said...

Please show me the potholders before you give them to your mom, I'd love to see how they turn out.