November 3, 2011

Yarnie Goodness comes in the mail

It has been a good week for mail so far.  Lots of yarnie goodness, and a purple strainer

The strainer was filled with yarn & other treats.
I love swaps with the Dizzy Sheep Groupies :)  I went shopping for my swap buddy in my stash of yarn and Pampered Chef products & recipe books.  I am not a pretty wrapper - I did not send my home-made jam though, jalapeno jam is not everyone's taste :)

I also got a package from my grade-school friend Mary.  The package was COVERED in stickers and I loved it.  In it was sock yarn from Brown Sheep Co, which I haven't seen anywhere - odd.  It's called Wildefoot.  It's so soft, I'm surprised it doesn't have a silk content (no really).  It's in boyfriend's colors, so he'll get socks out of them.  A lovely grey with a ply of black. It's called Master Grey.

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Anonymous said...

What are your favorite types of yarns to knit with? Do you ever use eco-friendly yarns?