October 31, 2011

Vacation Day!

I took the day off today - so a bonus post this week!

My big plans included a conference call at 8:30, but I slept through that.  It's ok, I will catch up tomorrow at work.

Other plans include a chiropractic appointment, go to the chiropractor, giving candy to people that knock on my door and finishing a sweater.  My Fuzzy Wuzzy KAL is almost done.  3.3" of stockinette and I have the knitting done.  I figure 2 hours of knitting and about 3 hours of seaming to the finish line.  I even pinned the sweater together last night to try on.  It fits very comfortably and I am now very motivated.

I also have a few projects that need some TLC.
1.  A sweater that needs a button rearrangement.  I made Moonstruck with a coupon code from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and I love it.  It would be perfect as a knit coat/outdoor sweater right now.  However the diagonal button placement is insane.  I had a problem with placement, and now when I button it the hem looks great but the collar is not laying right.  I will need an assistant to do that I think.

2. I have a Juliet sweater (very similar to the February Lady Sweater) that I don't like the collar. I want to add a little extra.  I've found people that put a ribbed boarder around the whole thing - I have a lack of yarn problem, so that's not an option.  But I did see someone that picked up and put a collar with the lace pattern on it.  I will try that and pray I have enough yarn left.

3. Lastly, I have a sweater who had sleeve problems.  Oh yes, after two months of wearing it, I realized the sleeves were WAY too long.  I ripped them out - seriously, just ripped those babies right out.  Now I have to re-knit them though.  Maybe I didn't think that all the way through.  It has been languishing for about 3 months. I would like that sweater now....

Here we go!

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