October 30, 2011


One this about having a lot of projects going on is that there are sometimes a lot of finishing going on.

Two KAL's done!  Both small shawls are done.

The Momijiari from the Dream in Color Club was finished up this week.  I had a couple extra rows in my base triangle, which meant I was low on yarn.  As it became evident I would not make it to the end of the lace edging, I began thinking of options.  Well, I found an error on the edge of the lace, and without a chart (I am a chart lover) I really couldn't visualize how I messed up.  So I ripped the whole edging out and started picking up stitches again.  It wasn't too bad because they pattern created loops to pick up!  Very nice feature of this design, and very decorative too!  So I picked it all back up - and after the setup rows, I took up the pattern where I was (without adjusting for the extra stitches I had).  I skipped the "stem" rows but completed the leaves.  I really think that this shawl embodies fall.  A base of amazing colors with leaves falling off of the edge! Way to go Beth Kling!

I finished the Progressive Needles Shawl on Saturday.  I added an extra 4 rows of the last pattern, but I probably could have done 8 with what I had left in yarn.  The picot edging was a nice touch, but a pain to complete.  I have to say my Triplicity Shawl was challenging, but in a good way.

Two other items left the needles - two pieces of headware.  One Hallowig for Halloween, I went as a witch-doctor and as I cannot wear facepaint - I wore the blue/green hallowig!

I also finished a hat for Halos of Hope - they are looking for 200 women's hats before end of year.  I was starting one hat and ended up losing the instructions and winging it.  Here's a picture of my Lightweight Lady's Beanie

I'll put up a pattern next blog post as I've already cast on another in a great DiC purple!

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