October 1, 2013

September was busy, October shapes up the same.

Classes at Fuzzy Wuzzy have been filling.  The DYO Christmas stocking class is so much fun.  There's another one on October 12!  You can see more info HERE!

What have you been working on?

I finished one thing ... like a sweater for the penguin on my desk.  DON'T JUDGE ME FOR MY LOVE OF MY PENGUINS!

It's a simple raglan in penguin proportions.  Next sweater will have fewer belly increases.
Seriously, I have knit 100% more sweaters for my penguin than I have for my sig other...

I can't believe that's all I've finished... not true, I finished hats, but I don't enter them into my project pages.  One hat is for halos of hope, the other for a friend I will see this weekend.  Silly pictures from lager fest will be coming!

Next works in progress.  I have a sweater I'll be starting tomorrow, with math.  I have some lime green handspun, and with the 30 day sweater challenge ... I'm going to get it done!

And I have started working on my 4 blankets on the needles.  I've done about 25 hexipuffs for the beekeepers quilt.  All in fall colors (the penguin sweater was done while making puffs out of that yarn).
A bag of puffs.  Not too bad!  

Chrstmas sock project under way, Greg has big feet and prefers dark socks.  I'm working with Brown Sheep's wildfoote sock yarn.  I like the marled effect, at least that's interesting.  Only 7" left to go on the cuff and I'm done!  

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