October 18, 2013

October Books and Events

New Books this month?  I got The Rhinebeck Sweater from Ysolda Teague et.all.  I am so excited.  There will be a lot of sweater knitting.  Aunt Freddie is fantastic, and I really love Pippin.  Oh, hearts! a preview of all the sweaters are available.  Go over and have a look.  You will see how diverse and fun all the sweaters are.  I saw on twitter that the books are coming from the printer soon, and I hope they get shipped soon.  I have class with Ysolda in 2 weeks, wouldn't it be great to get a signature?

Have you seen this book?  Which sweater do you like best?

Last few weeks have found me in WI for some non-yarny events.  The Lincoln County Lager Fest with my parents.  I love beer, but you can't be yarny when you've been sampling beer all afternoon!  I saw Radio Lab Live in Milwaukee.  It was a dinosaur filled time.  I loved it, so nerdy, in a different way.

I had a class cancel on me after Radio Lab Live, so I headed to see Michelle Hunter!  She is so sweet.  I love her, she makes me miss Columbus too.  Oh I think a trip to Ohio is in the future.  But she did teach me this beautiful mitten.  Corkscrew mitten, two color cables!  Much easier than I thought.

Next week is SOAR, the marketplace opens on Thursday.  I have retreat classes on Friday and Saturday.  Then after SOAR (if I ever go home) I head to Nightmare on Chicago - a zombie festival in Elgin!  Fun right?  Oh yeah.  Music and zombies!  I hope people are dressed up like Walking Dead characters.

Have a crafty weekend everyone!

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