April 23, 2013

April Events!

There have been goings ons.  I have been busy the last few weeks.

In March for "Spring Break" I went to Arizona to see my brother.  We looked at the Grand Canyon.  And I did not do anything yarny except knit on the plane and in the car and showed a 10 year old how to knit.  I wish I had brought a starter kit with me.  I would have left some knitting with my brother's home...

I also got to birthday tickets Book of Mormon.  Fantastic Show!  And a long trip to downtown Bank of America Theatre was great for knitting!  I also went to YarnCon.  I wasn't planning on being first through the doors, but I was up early and headed down after chores.  Was probably number 25 or so.  I got a great good bag, with patterns and yarn and YarnCon swag.  And then I went into the gym with all the fun vendors in it!

YarnCon is like a live Etsy Marketplace.  It is fantastic.  A good vibe, the Plumber's Hall is an amazing venue.  I got to meet Tammy of Knit and Fiber Creation Etsy shop.  She runs the Walking Dead yarn club I'm in.  LOVE it, and since it was shortly after the season finale, it was good to talk about the show too.
I spent about an hour and change there.  There were shops selling scented goods and it started to bother me.  A big thank you to all those who worked hard to put on the show!

I head off tomorrow for Yarn School in Harveyville KS and I can't wait to give you a full report :)

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Sava said...

Walking Dead yarn club? This intrigues me!