April 13, 2013

A new blogging schedule, with math and themes

I think I've come up with a way to regularly post!  Themed posts across a month.

Every day divisible by 5 (oh yes there is math) will have a theme.

Here's a tentative schedule, On the:

  • 5th: Spinning 
  • 10th: Classes and other learning
  • 15th: Books!
  • 20th: Events
  • 25th: Finished Objects
  • 30th: On the needles
So, let's see how this goes.  I guess I'll see you one Monday.  Which is about Books!  Good, I've gotten some books :)

But, since I missed classes and other learning I thought I would clue you in on what I've got in hopper.

I've put out my April - June teaching schedule for Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarn.  I'm teaching Navigating Ravelry, and my knitting friend N let me test drive it on her.  She liked it, and left feeling a little better about what's out there.  I'm teaching sock classes, TAAT on 2 Circs, Beginning, and Toe Up.  Then a summer project class.  It's a keepsake Wedding Garter!  I've given these away at a couple showers, I think it's been well received and I love picking out colors that I think the bride will love.  I think my students will too.

I am taking a class too, it's from Craftsy.  I got Felicia Lo's Spinning Dyed Fiber and it has been very helpful.  I love the platform, and I love watching Felicia spin while I'm drifting asleep.  I hope she doesn't take umbrage with that, but I also find myself treadling along with her too.  And I was cleaning off my bobbins, spinning a Frabjous Fibers bump of Merino and Nylon Sparkle in color Trapeze.  I was intending to chain-ply it, but one of my bobbins was under-spun (Thanks for the feedback Felicia) and so I made a true 3-ply and chain plied the rest.  Here are my results:

The chain plied is on the left and the fractal plied is on the right.  Stunning right?

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