July 6, 2013

June's Projects in various states of complete

I've been working fast and furious on my projects.  A lot of KAL's - per usual.  I like to do Camp Loopy with the Loopy Ewe in CO.  I knit swiftly and the 1 project in a month is not too difficult for me.  I like the crazy challenges.


I finished some projects I love.

I have a new pair of socks that have a TARDIS theme!  I worked on them while THE BLACKHAWKS were WINNING!

They are in my Garter Chevron pattern - available BOGO Free right now - use coupon code: FUZZYSOCK2013 use it wisely.

I finished a sweater that I will love in the cold windy winters of Chicago-land.  The Stoker Pullover from the Fit to Flatter book.  I already want to make another in say ... a wool.  The alpaca chainette construction of the Flicker Yarn is going to be so warm.  Oh but the modifications to fit ... Wide hips, as written above the waist, wider arms, and some armscye math.  Cowl neck as written.  :)

A co-worker that I convinced to start going to yoga classes with me has a birthday coming up.  I made her a yoga mat bag that will coordinate with the color of her mat.  It's an aqua color - this is the Om Yoga Mat Bag from the Stitch n Bitch Nation book.  It's probably one of my first knitting books.  My friend Fluffy had it when visiting me back in 2006, and it really inspired me to try new things.  This book and her influence pushed me over the edge.  I made this pattern back then for my yoga mats, I made it bigger for myself and ran out of yarn.  Mine looks crazy, Ning's looks a lot better.

In progress I have a ton.  Always. I cluster knit.

Still in progress are the hexapuffs - I got sick on Monday and made a couple YELLOW ones.  Yellow is making me happy right now.  I'm still working on the Bittersweet Vines set from Anne Hanson.  That project takes brains, and those projects take me a little longer because I have no time for that right now.

I started a blanket for Project Linus 8 strands of yarn given to me from a friend who lost her grandmother.  It's plain acrylic and it's working up nicely.  (size 50's from Bagsmith)  I was on FaceTime with a friend who called her hubby over to watch me work on them.  (Go Team Squishy)

I started another Sallah Cowl.  I love that pattern, it's a free Knitty.com pattern.  Bristol Ivy did a wonderful job, well written.  The only thing missing on Knitty is the schematic, but I think it is on her blog.  I'm working in Packer Themed yarn - Go Pack!

I've also joined a KAL for my old yarn club - The Mean Girls Yarn Club.  Yarns were themed around a villainess of the month.  My year (year 2) was centered around the movies.  I have worked up one - it was hard to find a pattern to work with that yarn.  It looked horrible worked up, but lovely in the skein.  I am still not happy with it, but too stubborn to rip it out.  This yarn - a 2 ply superwash fingering weight screams SPRING with an olive green meeting purple and coral.  I did not want it to blend - I wanted pooling.  I viewed the Run Amok projects on Ravelry, and found when the colors blended it looked brown from a distance.  No - I wanted SPRING.  I went crochet.  I'm doing tiny granny squares that I will couple with a white boarder.  We'll see how this goes :)

Lastly it's time for Camp Loopy project 2 - I'm doing the Helena for a lovely almost 3 YO.  She picked the color - a Flash Dance Purple in Madelinetosh DK.  Here's the progress shot.

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Jen said...

Your TARDIS socks are awesome!