July 6, 2013

July Spinning and Classes

I have finished a couple classes on Craftsy while finishing my Stoker Pullover.  I think I finished them both ... hmmm.

I finished the Fit to Flatter class with Amy Herzog.  A nice follow up to that class would be something on Arm-hole math.  I would love that.  Seriously.  I need that.  Well, her class is pretty great.  The only improvement I could see is that in the beginning we look at pictures and analyzing shape.  We are given the tip - contrasting outfit for your background.  What does she do?  Models in black against a dark wooden background.  Behind Amy?  A pale blue wall.  *shakes head*  There is a lot of tips on math, and some practice.  It was really helpful.  And then - you really only have to do this kind of math once, then you will know what to do for EVERY SWEATER you will make for yourself again.  Assuming you don't change too much.

Well worth it.

I also signed up for the free class - Know your Wool.  And it helped me get my sheepy fix after not seeing any at the Midwest Folk and Fiber.  :)

With the sheep - it's Tour de Fleece!  And Bright Green BFL from Miss Babs is almost complete.  I will wash and set right after posting this!


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