July 31, 2013

July Wrap Up - Tour de Fleece and other things

My July was mostly filled with Tour de Fleece and all the focus went there.

I bought a couple books, and I'll talk about that next month, if I open them.

So with that Let's talk Tour and FO's and WIPs.

Tour de Fleece is an event that takes place along side the Tour de France bicycle race.  All meeting at the starting line at Ravelry.com we set our personal goals and support each other with each leg of the race.  I can't tell you why I haven't done the Tour in previous years, but this was my Rookie Year on the Tour.

I had goals, oh yes, the Tour is about personal goals and mine were lofty.  I wanted to finish the long term projects on my bobbins and spindles.  I had 8 ounces of Mixed BFL from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that I got at The Fold when they were at the Sewing Show in March of 2012.  I had 2.7 ounces spun on my spindles.

I decided to spin 4 on the wheel and 4 on the spindle.  I finished up my 1.3 ounces on the spindles and completed the 4 ounces on the Sidekick.  I worked a 2 ply on the Sidekick and got a delicate fingering weight.  It's so pretty - in reds, pinks, and greens.

So soft and lofty.  When washed it blossomed!  Oh, I love it.  Aprox 690 yards.  :)

I also have some BFL from Miss Babs I got from her website and from Loopy Yarn in the Loop.  Some in the color Dew and some in the color Envy Me.  They were both BRIGHT GREEN, I love that color.  I spun about half of it up on the Vespera espinner and I was a little green myself when I spun it.

I finished the singles on the Sidekick and plyed on the Vespera.

I worked a 3 ply and it is puffy and glorious.

I then tackled the last long term project.  I have about 5 lbs of llama to spin up.  I'm really struggling with it.  I don't think it's well prepared.  The spinning guild helped me find the problems with it and what to look for next time.  It's full of veg matter, and there are second cuts.  It makes it hard to draft properly without stopping regularly to clean and pick.

So to combat this disheartening task, I SWEAR I will do 3 bobbins of llama between other projects.  I did my 3 bobbins and like it.

The last thing I did was start a new project!  Yay!  It is Corridale from Gale's Art in a Random Colorway - it's blues and purples with a pop of red.  The red is slightly out of place, but I will spin it up and gift it at Christmas.  Here's some pictures:

Love it! I will post on Friday about my WIP's and FO's.  Are you excited?  

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