May 22, 2013

May Events!

So at the end of April I went to Yarn School in Harveyville, Kansas with a friend from my knitting group in Green Bay Area.

When you move away from an area, you leave good things behind, Ann & that knitting group was just one of many things I left to move to Chicagoland.  She is probably the only one that has kept in touch.  She reached out about meeting up for a yarny event and finally stars aligned for a road trip to KS!

The drive was a long one, the vehicle was a full one, and good time was made.

We arrived and were amount the first to check in.  The retreat is held in an older rural school complex owned by a fantastic family.  Nikol has a little farm around the schools they live in and runs a little knit/fiber shop out of the old school office.  We had our spinning wheels set up in a big circle in the gym.  

And we had our dye lab taught in the old chem lab.
And the fiber hung to dry above our heads! 
And we slept in the elementary school building.

We visited an alpaca farm where we could buy their locks or roving.  And visit the babies.

And Nikol cooked us leisurely late gourmet meals.  And I knew something amazing was coming when I could smell the smoker going.

Smoked cheese!

I learned so much, met amazing women and feel so blessed to have been a part.  I will be back, you can check out their site where they offer other retreats and can accommodate group activities too!

I have unloaded all my things and started spinning up some of the goodies that I dyed or batted or bought while there...

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