May 22, 2013

May: Books!

 I haven't really been devouring books the way I did at the beginning of the year. But have been working on the Craftsy class and book Knit to flatter by Amy Herzog.  The book is very well photographed and the sweaters are great staples for anyone. I opened the book this weekend to look at starting a sweater. I am in a couple sweater knit alongs and I've decided to use the Berroco Flickr yarn that I got from fuzzy-wuzzy yarns. Here is a picture of my swatch
My mom my measurements & Then I could make my final sweater choice and With a Good Plan and the Rest of Amy's Class To guide me I started.  And then I ripped back.  My hips, I need to cast on again thinking of my hip measuements.  The negative ease in my hips would be over 8" otherwise.  It also explains why shirts don't fit both my hips & chest at the same time!

I do need to work more math for my biceps, but Amy's book does not tackle that.  The class makes a point to tell you why you need positive ease in the arms - but then doesn't make any attempt to help you do it :-/  not cool.

The other book I am very excited to come is Botanica Knits. Nature inspired sweaters and accessories from my favorite designer is always a treat. I think I saw on her blog that the books were delivered a couple weeks ago. I think that means that soon I should be seeing my own copy I'm in the mail. I can book on digital for a while but I really love the tactile nature of knitting books.

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