September 30, 2011

Meeting Goals and Deadlines

Have you made your September goals?  I completed 2 projects at work, one over 3 weeks and one with 2 weeks of work crammed into one.  I feel I might be bored at work next week....

While balancing that - I have been doing Single Skein September done by Stash N Burn.  Idea is to look at your stash and use up that yarn that you bought one of to try and never really touched.  So I had some Peruvia from a random stash swap a while ago - ruby in color.  I made a Filipi scarf with a matching hat.  Someone's Christmas will be made!

Check out that SAS book!  I started the scarf to KAL with a work friend who wanted to knit again.  She learned as a child in China, but had since put it down.  It is funny to work with translations, for example she knows how to do a purl stitch, but not that it is called a purl stitch :-D  It's great fun, because she's on my work team too.  I'm delighted.  She did beat me (it's not a race) finishing her scarf in about a week.  Working every night while watching TV with her family.  I would work on it at work, while on lunch or while programs were running.  I had some report writing that took priority....

I also completed a pair of socks - amazing simple color work pattern:
The pattern is Shenandoah Socks by Cailyn Meyer, there were a few errors in the numbers of the pattern.  Mostly every time the row started with a slip stitch.  It's easy to forget to count that first one as a stitch.  I messaged her and she will correct them.  But more interestingly, she said these were her first sock pattern published!  It made me feel special.  It's an odd construction, the instep and sole were knit flat and then there's a heel flap too!  I did about 14 repeats on the leg - but still had a smidge of blue/black sparkles left.  Yet it's better to have a smidge more than be a smidge short.

Lastly 2 head pieces from the yarn crawl.  A headband with a flower from Closeknit and a Sweetie Pie Hat from Knitche.

So, what can you do in a month?  Knit over 1000 yards for sure!  

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