September 20, 2011

All in a day's work

Knit report is thin.  I've been listening to the whooshing noise that deadlines make as they pass you by.  Work is swamped and with so many of us accessing the SAS server it's not happy and runs super slow.  ugh.  I did have a great open house for my pampered chef biz. What a great time - I'm such a perfectionist though.  I need to chill a little.  I had everything prepped and ready 2 hours early.  Not that it's that bad... I was done with Christmas knitting in October last year.

The last couple days I've been obsessed with spinning and spindles.  And I did spin for an hour last night.  I had the bug bad yesterday.  After talking with my doctor about it that morning and reading my Spin and Knit magazine properly in the waiting room, it was time.

Last week I finished the practice slub that Annette gave me to mess around with.  It was some easy to work with wool something in purple.  And here is purple yarn!

It's amazing isn't it?  *Sigh*

So yesterday I grabbed the llama I got from a family friend.  It's light and fluffy and a bit like air.  Annette saw it tonight at knit night and told me I was brave.  She said llama is kind of slippery.  Well, I hadn't really noticed that much, but I guess it is.  It's harder to get back together if it breaks.  But.... I love it.  It's spinning up so well.  I'm getting really good on the spindle she gave me, but I'd like one with a hook.  The spindle I'm using is a bottom whorl with no notch or hook.  It's challenging, but I got a GIANT hair rubber band and put that top of the spindle to secure my yarn.  Alright, it's a small hair rubber band but giant compared to the tiny braces rubber band that was on it when she gave it to me.

Anyway,  I love it.  I'm sore in odd places though, I need to pay attention to how I position my body when I work.  I think I'm twisting, my shoulder hurts a bit today - my tendinitis.

ION - flickr sucks.  They updated their iPhone app & now it won't read my library.  I can only upload pictures immediately after I take them.  I'm bad at that.

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