January 21, 2014

January Books and Events

Books are great!  I got a the new pocket edition of The Field Guide to Fleeces by Deb Robson and Carol Ekarius.  My version is signed by Deb, a big thank you to Elaine from my guild for ordering our group some books.  How lucky are we?  :)

There are a 100 sheep in this pocket guide, which is under half of what is in the Original Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook that the two fiberistas put together.  I don't know how they decided what to cut, it must have been a hard job.

The layout of the book is simple and will make this book an amazing resource up at WI sheep and wool this fall.  Each breed gets two facing pages, with the name in BOLD letters at the top, one page has a picture of the sheep with a light overview of the sheep, how it likes dyes, and what people use their wool for.  The opposing page shows some locks of the fleece, and stats of the wool, staple length, color etc.

I think next year Sheep and Wool is going to be so much fun!

Events are kind of a downer.

I've known it coming for a little while now, but now the shop front is empty.  The LYS, Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns, where I taught stands empty.  Posts on classes might become a periodic highlight now, until I find another location to teach at.  It is a pretty big loss to my little knitting world, but there are lots of other shops in the area.

Other events include joining a new Guild, The Hollow Tree Spinners that meet at the Fold in Marengo, IL welcomed me.  Welcomed me so much that I'll leading a sock tutorial with another member sometime this year.

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