December 5, 2013

November WIP's and a sock review

I have finished a new crop of Puffs for the Bee Keeper's Quilt!  I just love these little guys!  I can't make just one, and I spent all of Thanksgiving making them.

I lined them up.  I don't know, it was much more orderly this way, stop judging me.

I can't wait to show you the holiday stuff, but I can't.  That's not fair to those who want to be surprised.

But my swap package made it's way to Japan a couple weeks ago, so here are the cute mittens that made their way across an ocean!

I hope Yuka enjoys them.  They were easier than I would have thought to make.  They are the Corkscrew Mittens by Michelle Hunter.  She offered a class locally that I had the opportunity to take, she's from Columbus OH.  I went to OSU, (Go Buckeyes!) so there's a bond there.

Sock Review:

I've been knitting socks for YEARS.  In 2008 I started making tons of them.  So I thought I would review some of them.  Take new pictures when I could and let you know how the yarn wears and the pattern too.

In the summer of 2008 I made Ziggy, a stranded knit zig zag pattern.  It's toe-up sock with a short row heel worked out of Noro Kuryeon Sock Yarn.  New socks:
I don't have a picture to show you of the sock today because it's gone.  It was one of my favorite pairs but I tossed it.  The sock was knit at a nice tight gauge that wore really well, however, Kuryeon is a one ply with a little thick and thin aspect going on.  That one ply wore nicely when where it was doubled up but in the areas with no colorwork it did not.  My Ziggys wore through on the heel.  It made me sad.  The one ply yarn is an interesting choice for socks, it doesn't have the spring that a good sock yarn has, so the socks were not stretchy and easy to get on.  The pattern was great, and I would make them again.  I would chose a yarn that would wear a little better.

Next time, I will have a pair with an updated pictures :)

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