November 13, 2013

November Spinning and Classes


I have a new finished yarn this time.  Although I did a ton of sampling at SOAR, I wanted to have bobbins empty.  I did a small bobbin 90 yards or so of left over Rocky Horror, but the big finish are intentionally spun singles I finished on the 7th of Oct. :)

I joined the Spin Off Magazine's Spin-along.  It's a study really of spinning and along with fiber are tools and goodies.  This first bundle had a couple color tools and then 4 one ounce bumps of merino.  One is a blend of Red, one is a blend of Blue and one is a blend of what I called Other, but I think is supposed to be yellow, and then a tan/mustard solid.  Here's my singles. Red, Blue, Other, Solid.

And a little closer look at the colors.  The blue is not as blue as it is in real life, but you get a good idea.

I also started the Prism Polwarth I got from BMFA, it's a rainbow of happy.  I bought some angelina to add to my wool.  I've been using my new hand cards to make rolags.  Big fluffy worms of fiber and sparkle.  I've got some lofty singles, and I plan on mixing up the angelina with some raven dyed Polwarth too.  Amazing yarn I hope.


I'm taught last weekend.  Spent Saturday afternoon teaching 2 at a time on 2 circulars!  It's a quick sock we do to get the concept.  It's on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns' site here!

Classes I've taken, this month was a lot of classes.

I took 4 classes at SOAR.  Four three hour learning sessions with some of the most amazing spinning teachers out there, and in my backyard, St Charles IL.  How lucky am I?  I took Spinning Your Way Through Lunch with Patsy Z.  She had great info and I tried fibers that are new and funky and a little rare in the spinning world.  I tried Banana, Corn (PLA), Milk and Soy fibers.  I didn't get to soy in class but I have to try it!
I took The Gentle Art of Plying with THE Judith MacKenzie.  She's amazing, and soft spoken and patient and full of good information.  You have to be still to hear it, but it was worth it.  If you can, take a class from her.  Oh wow.

I took Amy Tyler's Mechanics of your wheel.  It was a good discussion of what my wheel can do, what it can't, what physics are at work.  It was great.  After this discussion, I want a Saxony style wheel.  Kromski?  Oh, it makes me excited!

I then took cotton spinning in the afternoon with Stephanie Gaustad.  I am not a cotton spinner, but wow.  It was amazing to watch others do it.  It was a good wind down until the evening events.  Here's all I got done.

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