December 5, 2012

The Check-in

I have been busy!  Not just with the new house, but crafting!

I have 3 holiday gifts to finish.  And I hope I can make it.  1 pair of socks, 1 table runner, and another pair of house socks.

I'm going to be keeping the socks pretty simple, my own pattern of women's socks in some fun fall colors for my unofficial SIL.  You can check out the pattern - Lazy and Cabled Socks on ravelry here!  She actually ASKED for hand knits, which makes you knit-worthy in my book.  I dug around in my stash for some yarn that would be durable and cozy.  I came up with some Trekking XXL that I think I won from the KnitPurlHunter KAL last winter.  I love the colors, I think I have these tones in at least 2 other brands of sock yarn!  I hope she loves them.

The table runner is for my mom.  She reads this blog so, no details.  I'm making it up based on the basic scarf we all make as our first project.  You know - knit every row until you run out of yarn?  Oh, but I have the right number of stitches on my needle for the width I want it to be and I'll stop at 5 feet.  I also made pointy ends.  POINTY!

The last pair of socks is for my buddy Evan.  He got one of my first scarves when I was learning to knit.  And now that I'm considerably more skilled, he should be rewarded for having suffered through my learning curve right?  He's getting hipster pink house socks.  Big man feet are my sock kryptonite, so I hope I can power through them.  I am kind of making it up as I go based on basic sock patterns.  I don't know if I want to put an afterthought heel or a heel flap on it.  I think the flap would be more durable, and I could put a heart back there, but I know a short row after thought would be quicker.  So I haven't touched them in a while.

Thems the holiday knits.  I will be back next week to touch base on the adventures over the summer.  Highlights being some classes I've taught, Stitches Midwest & Vogue Knitting Live, Guest Teachers at my LYS, Some KALS, and a new wheel  :)

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