January 22, 2012

New stuffs for a new year

I guess I should publish my knitting resolutions - because it's about that time of year.  And yes, we are 22 days in, but you need to stop judging me.

I have some goals for 2012 for my fiber life.

1. Knit 12 hats for Halos of Hope.  It's not a huge stretch for me, but one a month is a good clip :-D
2. Knit at least 3 patterns from the 2010 rockin sock club.  I need to work some of those amazing patterns, even if they aren't in the STR colorways
3. Take Basics Basics from TKGA, when it fits into the budget (after my Nancy Bush Class and After Knitpurlhunter comes to my LYS)
4. Take a spinning class at The Fold.  I'd like to go and try out some wheels.

About these goals.  They are about building knitting karma, using what I have and expanding on my knowledge base.  All things I really do believe in.  I did not talk about stash enhancement nor building a library.  I think I'm good in that respect.

Where am I in these goals.  I have a hat ready for Halos, just need to weave in ends and bring it in.  I have NO socks on the needles.  None, but I am obsessed with the blanket/shawl I'm making from leftovers.  M came over today and we knit and chatted (great time), she asked how much longer I was going to go.  I could not answer, just "longer than this."  It is lovely.
I've been reading the Rav group for the TKGA and their courses.  Based on some of the chatter I hear, instead of jumping into the Master Class level 1, I'm going to take the Basics^3 course.  Get a feel of what they expect and get some initial feed back on my knitting before getting into it.

Last one says it all.  I'm wanting to wheel to take pressure off my shoulder while spinning.  Spinning on a drop spindle is not ergonomic.  I would love to try wheels, The Fold does private lessons too :-D.  

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