August 29, 2011

A New Resolution

A post every week.

I'm going to use this knitting blog - to blog. I can't podcast. I just wont' make time for it. Dude, I'm so bad at making time for anything but knitting - even some knitting related things just don't happen.

So. I intend to do a couple things in this space.
1. Talk about my knitting projects and how they are working out.
2. Talk about my designing expeditions
3. Talk about my knit group & the stuff we do.
4. Muse poetic about crafting topics in general.

The facts that are essential:
1. I knit well.
2. I crochet ok.
3. I live with this guy who likes that yarny goodness makes me happy.
4. I am a math nerd at heart.

So with that in mind. My first post is to say that I'm leaving in 10 minutes to go to the library and experiment with spinning for the first time.

Yup. Not only did I already have a ton of yarn, I'm going to go try my hand at making a little bit of it. As a perfectionist - I don't know how this is going to go. Reports later this week, if I can get a spindle out of my hand ...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the spinning. Sounds like fun. I know I'll want details.

Bob Stroc

Bluemel4 said...

I totally think you and I are on the same wave or something. I just made a promise to myself to blog more.